We are happy to supply you with tools made by our own masterengravers in house that are the basis for any highest quality work in specialty printing, made to our own high standards such as:

  • Engraving / Intaglio (by your choice in steel or copper, hardened if necessary)
  • Blind Embossing oder Debossing (1-layer, 2-layer, multilayer or sculptured, any combination of the above)
  • Hotfoilstamping
  • Letterpress (tradtional oder american style)

Many years of experience make sure, that you will be able to use your tools right from the beginning.

If needed, tools can be test-run in house and will be suited perfectly for the given ink, stock, design and combination of print.

Usually requested by our customers is the storage of your tools under perfect conditions to ensure longest possible longevitiy.

Modern Datamanagement keeps an eye on the exact location of your or your customers valuable tools at all times and can be retrieved at any time for your use or future jobs to be run in our works.