Letterpress by Max Sames is not the usual Letterpress, we all know from the old times.

It is a new interpretation of the old art of letterpress printing to use high pressure and classic inks finding new ways of interpretation along with much higher imprint and todays wonderful soft stocks available from specialised mills.

Every letter, by the use of special letterpress tools made from modern composite materials, is pressed deeply into the stock to give a very threedimensional and vivid, almost playfull look of the design.

Thus, you will gain an ancient look of printing combined with the opportunity of modern design and desktop publishing.

Almost any design can be accomplished nowadays, while some years ago, a typical letterpress shop was able to choose from 4, maybe 5 standard types only. Let alone the reproduction of logofaces, that are easily performed today.

Choose from a wide variety of stocks, colors and types or just send in your own design.

And remember: Only your or the designers fantasy is the limit to what can be accomplished by this wonderful technique!