Originally developed by craftsmen to do real-gold plating on books and frames, today´s hotfoilstamping offers a much wider range of possibilities.

The color intensive, opaque look, created with the help of heated tools and a prefabricated layer of special foils and pigments is pressed on- and sometimes even into the stock.

Ask for color schemes of various foilsuppliers that we have found worldwide that supply only the highest of qualities to our works.

Colors may be chosen from metallics (a wide variety of silvers, golds, from shiny to brushed, dull surfaced, in many shades), colors in dull or shiny from so called diffraction foils (often used for impressive glitter looks or security schemes) to holographic foils, showing real images in 3-dimensional appearance.

Also, transparent foils for dull- or glossy coating and even transparant pearl-coatings are available in a wide variety.

Combined with special tools or other printing methods, these foils can also be finished with structured (tool-) surfaces of your liking - an almost unlimited combination of appearances.

Note: No regular offset screening resolution values can be reached in hotfoilstamping.

However, a rough screen might bring interesting results depending on the needed look. When in doubt about the quality possible for a certain design, consult with us and we will almost always be coming up with a great approach.

Keep in mind, when setting up production, that our foil will cover any image below in most of cases. Do not cut out any images below the foil to avoid registration problems.

Very interesting effects can be achieved by combining a special Litho-run with foilsuited special inks on top of a given foillayer.


Never hesitate to ask for samples, that can also be ordered right here online in the contact section!