Engraving, often referred to as the "Queen of Printing" impresses with it´s rich and opaque color appearance and especially it´s tactile (feelable) and very sharp and intensive impression.

The lush and majestic look are very luxurious, to say the least.

Young Designers often prefer more modest mate (waterbased) plastic inks while the original varnish inks with glossy surface offer more reflexions and thus an overall more threedimensional kick.

Always worth mentioning is the possibility to print light schemes on dark materials such as black and dark grey or brown, completely covering any color given below.

Therefor, Engraving is suited to cover a wider range of products on natural stocks, that underline the special optical impact.

Especially bigger or fat types might not be well suited for engraving and should either be screened for a very unusual look or might be supsituted by other methods such as hotfoilstamping, blind embossing, litho, letterpress or an intellligent combination of those.

Both, waterbased mate inks and glossy varnish inks are well suited for use in modern laserprinters and digital high volume printing systems while exta curing time should be allowed for varnish inks.

Always necessary in the engraving process is the production of an engraving tool (or plate) by our in-house masterengravers.

Internalising the toolmaking has advantages for you as a customer: High Quality and shortest turnaround is always insured.

Once completed, a given engraving die can always be re-used for identical reprint while beeing almost undestroyable and lasting forever.

Note the limited printing area in engraving beeing app. 13 x 21 cm engraved area per run. Larger surfaces might be possible by multiple runs of the same sheet.

Please ask us with any questions or inquiries you might have on this method!