Typography / Design

We are happy to produce your designs on up-to-date systems by Apple and Heidelberg.

Applications by Adobe Systems: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and Acrobat as well as QuarkXpress are in daily use.

Naturally, we will be able to use most data supplied by you as long as it can be converted into our standards or is already supplied as eps, pdf(x3) or any other open format that is used by us.


You can supply data via email or upload. But we are just as happy to receive your data via USB-stick, -Harddisk, CD, DVD and more.


If needed, we can supply any data used for our printing jobs for your personal archive. Furthermore we offer vectorisation of even complicated images and will be able to help with dataconversion into many standards that you might need.

Ask us for a quote on this service!

Should you have specific questions on preparation of data, refer to our downloads-section, where you will find more thourough information on handling and preparation of data.