Blind Embossing

Blind Embossing is a printing technique, that lives through the complete absence of any ink or other coating to bring multible shapes to the paper- or cardboard surface. 
Even complicated details such as heraldic family crests with much detail can be precisely reproduced and will sampled by us on your request. 

Our Masterengravers can work from Film, Data, or when asked to recreate threedimensional shapes, will take original objects or visuals such as family rings or paintings that require the utmost in the engravers experience.

We distinguish folling kinds of blind embossing:

  • Blind EMBOSSING (motive is raised only)
  • DEBOSSING (Motive is lowerd into the stock)
  • Multistep embossings
    (there are various layers embossed or debossed)
    and even
  • SCULPTURED Em- oder Debossings

The impression of a blind embossing is strongely related to good planing of the design and intelligent combination with other techniques. Look in the downloadsection to find further tipps on "to do´s" and "dont´s".

Many years  of experience in our fields will help you to avoid traps and to find the perfect design to fullfill your special needs.


By the way: Even a Laserprinter will not affect the well done blind embossing from our works. It will always remain as outstanding as on the very first day.