Every single day we all at Max Sames enjoy to meet new challenges. It is our highest goal to produce only the finest of qualities for our customers. We love the thrill to solve upcoming problems that always occur, when something unusual and thus special is created. Even under the pressure of cost or time.

Not only professional customers with high demands but many special private customers rely on the special possibilities of the wonderful print techniques of Max Sames, that stand up to the highest standards.

A refined employees businesscard will make sure, that a company gets the right introduction to a prospective business affeliate. They will judge the companies quality by simple means: The design and the quality of that SINGLE business card, that sometimes will be the only memory remaining with the new contact.
Just as a decent outfit will demonstrate authority, the businesscard, the letterhead and other means of your first presentation will go home with your appointment and will be used to judge the experience of this meeting over and over again.
Let our products be this little but effective helper in your new contacts!
Visit or call us and find out, how others brought that extra quality into their presentation!