In the year 1926 our company was founded by late Max Sames masterengraver. Initially, he limited himself to making dies and engravings for then frequent printing companies with their own diestamping department. Also, he specialized in multidimensional blind embossing dies, an engraving art and craft, that until today, remains part of our in house expertise.

Shortly after the war, his daughter Ursula Sames, entered the company and also became a masterengraver. It was during this time, when Max Sames started to aquire his own engraving presses to better serve customers with a full line of products.

With the marriage of Ursula Sames and Lothar Schweinbach, a sales- and marketing expert, who then entered the firm, the company was led to new levels. A new location was sought and found in Hamburg-Horn in 1963 and additional techniques were implemented with hotfoilstamping, lithoprinting and thermography in the 80ies. Later, more machinery was added to better serve finishing customers in large format blindembossing and hotfoilstamping.
On a regular basis, the location was expanded to meet higher production output, more employees and ever changing technical demands.
Today, the company is led in 3rd generation by Lothar Schweinbach Junior, a master of business administration from Hamburg University.

Althoug still engaged in our traditional crafts, many innovations in almost all our fields have been implimented over the years. Modern toolmaking meeting even higher quality standards (also serving other engraving companies in germany, europe and the US), platemaking through laserassisted exposure for offset, typesetting and designing via mac and pc, ordering via email or internet, a specialised online shop and modern appearance and communication via the internet and social media, are only some areas of our ever present change and adaptation to our customers' regular needs.
Today, we serve over 4000 content customers all over europe and are Germany┬┤s most renowned supplier for specialized products in engraving, letterpress, blind embossing, thermography and hotfoilstamping.